Meet Christina

Career & Life Coach


Are you searching for a deeper meaning and more balance in your life and career?


I'm here to help YOU - the ambitious, passionate young professional who is ready to break free from burnout, increase your happiness, and find balance in your life by using holistic, research-based, and soulful coaching practices. 


You don’t have to do this alone! Together, we will tap into your intuition and create step-by-step plans to move forward towards your goals and help you to lead a well-rounded life. You will get individualized support through a balance of practical strategies and soulful connection in one to one sessions as well as unlimited email support between sessions. 


Are you trying to find your place, questioning why you feel so different, and wondering if you will ever figure it out? From where you are, it might feel like a huge leap. You want to believe it’s possible, but you’ve wondered if a fulfilling, meaningful life and career is realistic for you.


It’s not as if you haven’t tried to figure this out already! You may have changed jobs, pursued additional education, scrolled endlessly on job boards, read all the self-care advice, only to find yourself discouraged and confused about what you even want in life. 

With the right support, you can take control of your story and find that a career you're passionate about and a fulfilling life can go hand in hand. 

You will gain the confidence and clarity to stop wandering through various jobs and begin to target exactly what you are looking for in life and your career.​

photo of Christina Lyn, Coach, Dog Mom, Beach Lover

I have a Master of Science in Educational Psychology and Behavior Analysis with experience in education, mental health, and nonprofits, so I understand the challenges you’re facing. I have years of experience coaching and counseling youth and adults through challenges in school or work and have brought that expertise to support people to make changes in their lives.


I spent my first years of working feeling drained and like I was living my life on others’ terms rather than my own. 

It wasn’t until I hired a coach that I was able to gain clarity and along with that, relief that I could finally be myself. I felt like I finally gave myself permission to stop asking for validation and pursue my soul's calling to help and support others in a way that feels right.


My background allows me to bring a unique perspective to our coaching sessions and my knowledge of various industries allows me to support a variety of professionals. 

I’d love to help you connect the dots and turn overwhelm into balance, just like I did.