Build Your Bedtime Ritual with this Simple Formula

Hello you ambitious (and likely tired) soul! Chances are you’re here because you’re considering a career change, are feeling burnt out at your current job, and are starting to be ready to make some real changes in your life.

Congratulations! That is a HUGE step & I am so excited for what’s next for you!

So you might be like, what does a bedtime ritual have to do with any of this?

Well, a lot actually!

You may have been thinking about making this big change for awhile and feel frustrated because it’s overwhelming to think about changing such a huge part of your life all at once. Like I said, this is a BIG deal!

That’s why starting with small changes is SO effective.

Think about it, when you got a shitty night’s sleep and then you go to work at your shitty job, it feels 100x worse than on a day that you had an amazing sleep and a relaxing ritual scheduled for the end of the day.

Making this small change can give you the energy to make another small change, like applying to that job you noticed on LinkedIn or connecting with that woman you met from that cool startup that might be hiring!

We all know that feeling stressed impacts our sleep and being sleepy or not getting enough sleep impacts our stress levels, so it's a it's a circular thing here.

It is so hard to get ahead of this, especially when you're in a VERY demanding job and you're feeling really stuck in it. So, I came up with a formula to help you to plan out and create your own bedtime ritual that works for YOU.

This is 100% personalized to you. This ritual can take 10 minutes or an hour. It’s totally yours.

You will choose at least three things to do as part of your bedtime ritual. Choose at least one from the following categories:

Category 1: Mental Health

Do something that puts your mind at ease, something that is good for your mental health.


  • Journaling: You know I love journaling! I just dropped a new freebie with some awesome prompts - get the Life Balance Worksheet here (+a special bonus surprise for a limited time!)

  • Human connection: Spend time with someone that you care about.For me, this usually looks like spending some quality time with my husband. Not the regular watching TV and sitting next to each other thing, but like REALLY connecting - seeing how their day went or giving each other a massage, etc. Whatever way you connect with your people - DO IT, regularly. Human connection is SO important for mental health. Calling someone is another great option for this!

  • Plan for peace: Basically, plan your day around how you want to feel. Put things in your calendar, write it on your to-do list, whatever you do to plan your day, take some time to include the things that will make you feel the way you want to feel. Do you want to feel calm? Schedule in some meditation time. Want to feel confident? Schedule in some time to do your hair in the morning. Do you want to feel energized? Schedule in a gym session. Whatever it is, think of what you can do to help yourself feel that way.

These are my suggestions, you can also have your own, just do what makes you feel mentally healthy!

Category 2: Physical health:

Do something to get your body into a state that is ready for sleep.


  • Warm shower/bath: super easy, because you’re probably doing it anyways!

  • Gentle Movement: leisurely walk with the dog (or by yourself to reflect on the day & listen to some calming music)

  • Stretching: This is super important and I am terrible at it! My legs are always really tight and it keeps me up sometimes so if that's something that's coming up for you, do a few stretches (I set a timer, because I HATE stretching - maybe it was all those crazy long stretch sessions from dance growing up, but I avoid this task like a plague)

Category 3: Spiritual/Soul Health:

Do something that gets you connected with whatever you believe in or feel connected with to help you to stay calm.

  • Meditate: This can go into the mental health category, but I really feel more connected with Spirit and the universe when I'm in a state of meditation, so I dropped it here.If you need a meditation, grab my body scan meditation here.

  • Visualization: Think about some place you want to be and really immerse yourself in that situation. For example, if like you are dreaming of this dream house on the beach or going on a vacation, visualize yourself being there. What do you see around you? Look around, notice the details. Think about what you're feeling. Is there a breeze? Do you have blankets on you? Any sort of tactile feelings from where you are at that time. Just really immerse yourself in it and visualize yourself actually being there and that is a good way to get yourself in a state of calm and just grab some positive positive vibes before you go to bed.

  • Affirmations/Oracle Cards: Right now, if you sign up for the newsletter you not only get the life balance worksheet with journal prompts you also get a free personal oracle card pull just for you. It will be sent in an email the week after you sign up!

TLDR; create a bedtime ritual as the first step to start making real change in your Life. To do this, pick an activity from least one from each of these categories to add to your ritual:

  • Mental Health

  • Physical Health

  • Spiritual Health

Check out the video for a full recap of all of my suggestions for building your ritual!

I’d love you to if you use this strategy to create and implement a bedtime ritual and if it helps you! Drop a comment and don't forget to follow on IG!

Sending peace & good sleep

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