Self-care 101: How to Get Started with a Self-care Routine

Updated: Feb 4

Throughout November and December, I shared why self-care is essential and tips for how to incorporate self-care into your life on IG TV (#selfcareseason). I have been thinking a lot about the impact of not including self-care into our regular routines. It causes burnout, which can lead to having less control over our emotions, fatigue, and resentment. When we intentionally provide care for ourselves that we so often provide to those around us (children, students, clients, family, etc.) we are able to be better parents, friends, workers, and supporters.

The key to avoiding #burnout is to make self-care a habit by finding a routine that works for you. Here are some ways to help you get started:

1. Focus on one or two types of self-care at a time.

There are 8 a main types of #selfcare: physical, psychological, relational, emotional, occupational, environmental, spiritual, and financial wellness.

Think about what most resonates with you, what you are most interested in, and where you feel you need to make changes. Focus on that category to start so you don’t get overwhelmed.

2. Do some self-reflection

As we get older, we often stop engaging in the things that brought us #joy when we were younger. Think about what you were drawn to as a child, was it arts, sports, reading, music? This is a great way to identify the self-care activities that are most likely to light you up and get excited about taking some time for yourself.

3. Practice self-care with intention

Being purposeful and holding yourself accountable is important when starting any new habit. Make a list of a few things you discovered during your self-reflection and your research of the different types of self-care. Creating a self-care “menu” for you to choose from will be helpful when things get a bit hectic (as they do sometimes!). Sharing your plan with a friend or simply writing out your self-care plan is a good way to hold yourself accountable.

4. A little goes a long way

Short self-care activities are a great way to begin incorporating self-care into your daily life. Quick, 5-20 minutes practices that you can do anytime is a perfect way to get in some self-care when time is tight. Stop and take a few deep breaths, think of something you’re grateful for, stand and stretch at your desk, or text a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

5. Schedule self-care

Self-care is important for mental and physical #health, so put it on your calendar as you would any other important task you don’t want to forget, such as a therapy session or a doctor appointment. This will increase accountability, especially if a partner can see it on your calendar and is one of the best ways to make self-care a habit.

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