Small Changes, Big Results

If you’re here because you want to make a change a change in your career, your job, or in bringing more happiness and joy into your life in general you may have made this common mistake - trying to change EVERYTHING all at once.

You may have tried to make this huge life overhaul and then ultimately gave up, because it was overwhelming.

Sound like you?

No shame in that! I’ve seen so many amazing, smart, and talented people do this. Oh yeah, and me, I've done this MANY times.

So today, I invite you to slow down and ask yourself this question:

When it comes to the dream vision of your life what are the habits or rituals that you wants you to change?

What is most aligned where you want to go?

What is “future you” doing everyday?

What habits and rituals does she have in her life?

Sometimes we go into the process of change assuming that we need to change EVERYTHING we’re doing and start over. In reality, there is SO MUCH that is already working for you.

Think about where you were a couple of years ago…you’ve made so much progress! You’ve grown and learned - give yourself credit for that! Now you're just ready to level up AGAIN.

Ok, so how do I do this then?

Step 1: Take data!

Each day, keep track of how you feel when you do a certain thing or don’t (for example, when you stay up late working, plan your day/week ahead of time, etc.

Want a free habit tracker? Click here to get yours!

Then ask yourself, “Am I being true to who I want to be by doing this thing?”

This will make it clear what areas you're already feeling pretty good about and then it'll highlight the areas that you should focus on to change.

This will make you feel more calm and in flow making changes one at a time, because you won’t feel rushed to do everything all at once and you’re not changing parts of your life that are already working!

Step 2: Focus on one or two small changes

Focusing on one or two small changes feels so much more in flow and you'll feel more calm, because you won't be feeling rushed to do everything all at once and won't be changing things that don't even need to be changed!

So get strategic about the small changes you want to make and watch yourself get closer and closer to that badass you strive to be AND enjoy yourself a bit more along the way. Leveling up does not need to be all work and no play, HAVE FUN!

If you're not entirely sure where to begin or just want an outside perspective, you're in the right place! This is my FAVORITE thing. I honestly get so much joy out of watching you make moves to improve your life. My approach focuses on simplicity, authenticity, and bringing in some magic - so if that sounds like something you vibe with you can learn all about my open services:

Small actions lead to massive changes! The first step is gettin on the mailing list here & following me on instagram here! I can't wait to meet you!

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