Life Design Mapping

Who is Life Design for?

Life Design might be for you if...

  • You have lots of ideas for what you'd like your life/career to look like but don't know where to start


  • You are ready to make moves forward, but are not clear what to focus on and how

  • You're tired of trying to fit your life into a box of how your life "should" look


  • You're always trying to do so many things at once, but nothing seems to be getting done.


  • You're ready to level up your life in a way is sustainable and catered to your personal strengths!

Researching and Writing
Working from Home

What will be included in the report?

This is a small sampling of what can be included:

  • An outline of your top values & strengths

  • A detailed vision to help you embody the feelings of having the life of your dreams now

  • Recommendations for how you can incorporate your strengths into your life now

  • Incorporating your unique personality into building routines, finding clarity, and timing of your personalized action plan

  • Guided meditations to help tap into your intuition, reflect, and guide your actions.

What if I need more support?

You're not expected to make these huge life changes alone!

The Life Design sessions are an investment in yourself, and I take that seriously. You have a dream life to build!

Your personalized report will provide lots of insight, "a-ha" moments, and a deep understanding of who you are and where you're going, but also with next steps, resources, and a plan for you to move forward

To help you stay motivated, accountable, and to help you with any snags that come up along the way, you will receive 2 weeks of on-demand text/voice based coaching through Voxer so you can feel confident as you begin your journey!

Ok, I'm in! So what are the logistics?

  • Book your 90-minute session here

  • Once you book, I will send you some questionnaires to complete and a link to a video call - so make sure you book ahead - I recommend at least a week in advance!

  • Show up at your scheduled date & time. We will have 90 minutes together so I can gather all the information to create your personalized plan!

  • A few weeks after our session, you will get a complete report with key takeaways, recommendations, and action steps so you can get started creating your dream life! PLUS 2 weeks of unlimited, text/voice coaching to help you get started.

  • Use the report as a starting point to create goals and sustainable plans to make your dream life a reality!